Of whips…

The Fruju Fruit Whip ad – “Whipped for the Girls”.  I just want to throw up every time I see it.  Who is Tip Top actually trying to market this product to?

Are they suggesting that women who buy the product are nags?

Are they suggesting that men who buy the product are pussy whipped? Um, yeah, that’s right Tip Top “Pussy Whipped”. That’s what you actually mean, right? Pussy? The P Word?

Women in the ads are nags. Controlling biarches. Poor, poor men having their freedom removed by their terrible girlfriends. Clearly, if you actually do anything helpful around the house (laundry, make the bed) then you must be “whipped.” And oh my goodness, he actually folds her bras!!! How emasculated must he be by her to fold her underwear for her?

Gag, gag, gag.

I suppose, yet again, we’ll be told to “get a sense of humour” rather than challenge how men, women and gender stereotypes are portrayed in advertising.


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